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Stories behind the curtain

Flip the pages of our theater journey. Every smile, every magic and applause from past performances is preserved here.

Our Performances

Entangled in the threads of time, the performances of GESTUS remain eternal. Here you will find the wealth of emotions and adventures we have built together – from the laughter and joy of children’s smiles to the mysterious plots we have unraveled before your eyes. Each performance is a deep imprint in the history of our art, brought to life with every applause.

Класическата история от едноименната приказка на Х. Кр. Андерсен „Палечка“ оживява в един нов прочит, в драматизацията
Discover the fascinating story of “Palechka” – a journey in search of true love and freedom, told with a mixture of betrayal, nobility and exciting adventures.
Червената шапчица - Гестус театър
Discover the exciting story of Little Red Riding Hood, a performance in which the characters come to life under masterful puppetry, presenting instructive situations, ending with lots of hilarity, music and song.

Feedback from You, Inspiration for Us


‘Little Thumb’ was magical! My children were completely captivated by the story. Incredible puppets and talented actresses.


‘Little Thumb’ took us to a world of wonders. The performance was amazing, and the puppets seemed alive. My kids adore you!


‘Little Red Riding Hood’ came to life before us with astonishing beauty. Every child should see this performance. Simply fantastic!