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Thumbelina: A thrilling dramatization in which the search for love and freedom gives wings to the imagination in a delightful puppet dance between good and evil.

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The classic story from the namesake fairy tale by H.C. Andersen ‘Thumbelina’ comes to life in a new interpretation, dramatized by Temenuzhka Kolarova. An engaging and adventurous story about the search for true love, from which literally wings grow on the back.

Narrated by two fairy swamp spirits, the good storytellers find a perfect place for their new tale. Creating an incredible story about an elf prince, they involve a lonely woman in their game and a cycle of events, helping her escape the circle of loneliness and to feel the world as large and beautiful. The narrators gift her a little girl – Thumbelina, whose cherished dream is to have wings. To fulfill this dream, Thumbelina must go through many adventures, but most importantly – make a choice between the bourgeois swamp of the frogs, the underground world of Miss Tsar or the snobbish life of Mr. Curtis. Wealth and accumulation or freedom and the wonderful feeling of flight. Everything is intertwined in the amazing, touching world of this performance: good and evil, love and betrayal, nobility and baseness. And how wonderful it is that in a fairy tale, good always triumphs over evil!

The project was realized with the support of the “Ministry of Culture”.

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Director: Ilona Gospodinova Dramatization: Temenuzka Kolarova | Composer: Georgi Garchov | Scenography and costumes: Miglena Metodieva-Slavkova and Georgi Slavkov Participants: Ilona Gospodinova and Konstantina Samardzhieva-Masarlieva | Duration: 40 min | Photographer: Ivaylo Tsonev